Causes of Shaken Baby Syndrome and Prevention

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What is Shaken Baby Syndrome? If the baby is injured by shaken. Rough shaking may cause baby to die. It will mainly affect the small babies, that is, in the age of 3 and most commonly in the age of 1. Shaken Baby Sydrome may causes serious long term problem.

Shaken Baby Syndrome signs:
There are various symptoms of shaken baby syndrome, it may include vomiting, irritability , decreased appetite, Changes in behavior, Pale skin, Loss of consciousness, these are mild or vague signs.

A child can have difficulty in breathing or may stop breathing, this lead to decrease in heart beat. These babies will actually die or have long term problems. Blood spot in eyes, bleeding inside the both the eye, these two are the severe shaken baby syndrome.

How it causes :
1. The main causes of shaken baby syndrome is, when baby wont stop crying.

2. Rough shaking of child in accelerated and decelerated motion.

3. Throwing baby in the air.

4. While playing.

How to Prevent Shaken Baby Syndrome:

1. Never Shake a Baby.

2. Dont slap or hit baby on the face or on head.

3. Always play gently with your baby.

So, never ever shake a baby and saving our precious children.