Sinus Infection and Symptoms

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Of late, there has been a considerable increase in the number of people affected by sinus infections. As a result, thousands of sinus surgeries are carried out around the globe each year.

However, surgery is only the last option - when other treatments have failed. As with any other illness, the sooner you treat a sinus infection, the better is the chances of cure.

Let us have a glance at what a sinus infection is:

In medicine, “sinusitis” is the name for a sinus infection. Such an infection can either be acute or a chronic one. In a typical sinus infection, the sinuses inside the nose get irritated. If you don’t know what a sinus is, it is the hollow nasal cavities near you eyes.

Some of the main reasons for sinus infections are : allergic reactions, structural issues, infections, and cold.

While an acute sinus infection can last for up to a month, a chronic sinus infection can continue for more than a month and last to around four months or more.

Some of the Symptoms of sinus infection :

1. Nasal blockage, nasal discharge, headaches, swelling in the eyelids, pain near the nasal region etc.

If the infection is an acute one, then you may have to take longer treatments, with antibiotics, saline nasal rinses, antihistamines, oral or topical decongestants, intranasal corticosteroids, and mucolytic agents. Although there is no effective therapy for sinusitis itself.