Dieting Gives Healthy Life

Posted by Lovely | Friday, September 18, 2009 | 0 comments »

In this fast world, Junk Foods or Fast Foods play a vital rule in every human beigns.It is easy to make and to consume. The taste is the most attracitve features of fast food. This make many people to eat these junk foods. But it has zero percent nutritional value. It also contain more fats, high calorie and bad cholesterol. High calorie content with sugar can lead to obesity.Cholesterol and salt may lead to blood pressure, heart diseases and stroke.

So junk foods lead our body to various diseases. Many doctors prescribe to avoid junk foods and maintain diet for our good health. There are different dieting plans for each illness. The best way to kill the cholesterol is to have grape fruit in our daily life. Just have a drink a glass of its juice in the breakfast, for lunch you can have some side and main courses like salad without oil and some meat and for dinner continue a drink a glass of grape juice and some green vegetables and salad. This is the best way to kill the bad cholesterol in our body. It will also reduce our weight.

There is another type of dieting to keep our body healthy is chocolate diet. Wondering how chocolate be recommended by doctors for diet? Yes Dark chocolates protect lungs from cancer and cleans blood vessels.

So people can avoid junk foods and lead a healthy life taking some dietary messures.