Your Health Care On Breast Cancer

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Most of us come across about breast cancer. Now Breast cancer is common type of cancer diagnosed in women. How this Breat cancer form? Abnormal development of cells forms a tumor, tumor is malignant in nature are termed as Cancer.

Around the world statistics shows that after lung cancer, breast cancer is the death causing factor in people. There are many reasons for causes of breast cancer. Some are:

1. Due to gene, that is, close relatives like grandma, mother who has been diagnosed with breast cancer.
2. Due to change in hormone.
3. Late Childbearing.

Increase in Breast Cancer also increased the diagnostic tool. They are Mammogram, Ultra-Sonography, Aspiration, Surgical Biopsy.

Once breast cancer found in your body, make a test. Because Breast Cancer is a serious disease, once you found early, take a proper breast cancer treatment, you will recovery soon.

All Women should take care about breast health.Its your health ,be aware of breast cancer prevention :

1.Eat healthy foods, green vegetables and more fruits.

2.Maintain a healthy body weight-BMI less than 25.Obesity also increases the risk of breast cancer.

3.Drink less, every alcoholic drink on a daily basis increases breast cancer risk by six percent.

4.Live in a clean environment,exercise more and drink less.

5.Routine breast health care is the only way to keep you healthy.

6.Every 3 years women(age of 20 and 39) should have a clinical breast examination by a health professional.

7.Every year women(after age 40) should have a breast examination by a health professional.

And should not take any action before consulting with a health care professional for all your health care needs.Learning more about health care will help u to create healthier lifestyle.