Causes and Symptoms of Yellow fever

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Yellow fever is a viral disease, that spreads to human by mosquitoes. There are two other epidemiologic cycle, Jungle yellow fever and Urban yellow fever. The virus spreads to monkeys and humans, may be infected when they enter jungle and by mosquitoes, if it infected with the yellow fever virus.

Urban yellow fever, virus transmits from person to person through mosquito.

Both the yellow fever causes mild and severe effect. Severe effect may lead to internal bleeding, kidney failure.

A feature of yellow fever is hepatitis, this is the reason for the yellow colouring in skin and in the eyes too.

How yellow fever causes?

The virus is send to your body by saliva of the mosquito as is bites. This will spread around the body and it has ability to reproduce itseld in a variety of body cells.

In serious condition, these cells will damage themselves.

Symptoms of Yellow Fever :

Most common initial symptoms of yellow fever are :

* Vomiting
* High Fever
* Headache
* Anorexia
* Muscle Aches

In serious condition, symptoms may be :

* Bleeding of the Gums
* Bloody Urine
* Reduce in pulse

Preventing Yellow Fever :

You can prevent yellow fever by vaccination and prevention of mosquito bites is only way of avoiding yellow fever.

Yellow Fever Treatment :

There is no treatment for yellow fever. In mild condition, drinking more water and taking appropriate medicines is the only treatment to control body aches and fever. In serious condition, you have to follow the advice of doctor.