Nutrients for Healthy Skin

Posted by Lovely | Monday, November 16, 2009 | 0 comments »

Every one needs healthy skin, because skin is one of the most important indicator of our health. But due to consuming unhealthy foods and applying poor cosmetics products, wrinkles, acne are formed in young age. To avoid this, people are buying more cosmetics products to keep their skin glow and healthy.

Here some of the natural and nutrients for healthy skin:

1. Carrot Juice:

Vitamin A rich in carrot, which is required for healthy skin. Carrot will glow your skin, this is because vitamin A will maintain the skin cells. Deficiency of Vitamin A will cause Dry Skin,Carrots are excellent for the eyes too. Drinking carrot juice and water will keep your health and skin well hydrated. It also helps to treat your skin pigmentation.

Another important carrot juice benefits are :

*It will minimize the heart disease.
*It perform the task of cleansing the liver

Regular drinking of carrot juice will keep your skin smooth and soft.

2. Water :

An individual should take minimum eight liters of water per day. This will keep your skin young and healthy looking. Water will hydrates cells and remove the toxins from your skin. When body is hydrated, then it sweats more, which helps to clean and clear skin.

3. Zinc :

Zinc Mineral is important component of healthy skin, in particular for acnes. Deficiency in zinc may lead to acne. Zinc acts as a controller, it will control the production of oil in the skin. Zinc Mineral rich in ginger, nuts, oats and eggs.

Drink Carrot Jucie and as much of water. It not only glow your skin, but also keep you hair strong.